Monday, March 29, 2010

My Bloggadah


What does freedom mean to you?

When have you ever felt you were not free?

How Have you ever fought for freedom?

Matzah: The Bread Of Awareness

Did you know there were still slaves in the world?

What is the point of celebrating a holiday of freedom from slavery if there are still so many slaves?

Avadim Hayeenu: We Were Slaves

How does our culture coerce us?

How important to you is the opinion of others?

What do you do because of expectations of other people? Which people?

Dayenu: It Would Have Been Enough

How important is it to you to have things that other people have?

How much is your happiness dependent on having the fashionable things?

How do you know the difference between what you need and what you want?

In Every Generation One Must Regard Oneself as Though One Personally Has Gone Out of Egypt

Is this an expression of freedom?

What is he free from?

What did he need to do to act so freely?

How may this actually be an expression of being enslaved?

With an Outstretched Arm and a Strong Hand YOU Redeemed Us

Who do you serve?

How do you know whom you serve?

How do you know what they want (be it God, other people, yourself)?

This Year We Are Slaves Next Year We Will Be Free

What one commitment can you make to help free others?

What one commitment can you make to become more free from whatever keeps you from being who you know and want to be?

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  1. Irwin, this is awesome! What a powerful use of YouTube videos to get us thinking about the haggadah's deepest and most impactful meanings. I can see this "Blogaddah" on display at a modern art museum or The Jewish Museum in NYC beginning with a variety of printed haggadot to browse through and then monitors set up with your videos playing for a "walk through the haggadah." Thanks for sharing!